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Chess development

Cocos2d-x was used for the development of red bird board game and mobile board game. Fully support Android, IOS, Windows phone, Windows8 and other systems, chess and CARDS to develop a set of software, multi-platform use. Red bird chess and card development company provides: chess and card game development, chess and card game platform development, chess and card website development, national/local chess and card game development, fishing game development, set up and training and a series of chess and card development services.


Chess Games

Hundreds of high-quality goods game altogether selected, forge your own chess and card empire, as our classic board games, poker, blackjack, Texas fruit machine, horse racing, fishing, fishing in 3D, arcade games Etc. A variety of game,Set interest sex and Creativity and integration at the same time we also support personalized custom game. Seize the opportunity contact us to get a free solution.



Kim entertainment

Sea fishing world in a pocket


zhoushan Mobile game

Zhoushan people love local games


178 Game

A professional poker expert


obedient chess

New achievements chess card model


Anqing mahjong

The first domestic acquaintance card game entertainment app


daily Game

Unique gameplay and generous design perfect combination


new space games

Stimulate luxury, shape the game innovation


Nan creek mahjong

Localization mahjong, without going out to invite old friends